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Eighteen-year-old Arien is homeless and desperate to find her place in the world. That chance comes when a mysterious warrior named Kole rescues her from an enormous worm creature and a man with a swirling void in place of his face. He demands she accompany him and his crew to their safe house. An offer she refuses right away, infuriating the brooding warrior. She’s lucky to get away then but can’t outrun her fate for long.

Within twenty-four hours of the freakish encounter, Arien is thrown into the brutal world of angel-descendant warriors called Earthbounders who hunt down demons on Earth. She’s told she’s one of them, a lesser Earthbounder called secondborn. Her new life is filled with fierce competition and sabotage. Secondborns who do not excel in training are consigned to a life of servitude. For Arien, failure is not an option.

The situation complicates further when she meets Kole again. An undeniable attraction blossoms between them, but it’s a push-and-pull as neither wants to admit it. Kole is a seasoned warrior set in his ways and Arien can’t risk getting close. Not after what happened to her mother and the foster care system she barely survived.

With an ancient evil closing in, Arien now faces the most difficult choice of her life: to fight for her survival and lose everything she started caring about or to face a powerful demon and risk her own life.

Sky Ice is the fast-paced first book in the Earthbounders dark fantasy romance series. If you like strong female characters, slow-burn romances, and tales filled with supernatural suspense, then you’ll adore Arien’s captivating story of self-discovery and satisfying transformation.

Sky Ice: A Dark Fantasy Romance

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